Nominated for ANOTHER Award?

Janice Deardorff just sent me a message with a whole row of exclamation points. Can we say excited?

Janice Deardorff“I was just nominated for another award through AWA. A DJ posted this on Facebook.” Says Janice.

So, I looked it up at and sure enough, there it is a whole list of awards that she could be nominated for – if you haven’t nominated your favorite artists, hop on over there and get ‘er done!

It’s really exciting as an artist to be nominated, but as a fan… To know you’ve had a part in a talented voice receiving an award for their talent and sharing in the excitement of getting recognized for their talent is really exciting too.

Janice has listed her album for sale right here on the website, and you can listen to excerpts of her music before you buy it. Just click on Part of the West.

Or you might want to know more about my favorite song on the Album – Dusty Vail.

Click on the youtube video below to hear the top song on the album.

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