Dusty Vail

“She was born for the wild, born for the wide opening spaces.
This beautiful ranch, it was her heart, it was her home
Born to ride the hills and the endless plains that glimmered gold in the sun
On the Empire Ranch where Dusty Vail was born” from ~ Dusty Vail

Dusty was born on the beautiful Empire Ranch in Sonoita, AZ. I fell in love with the Empire Ranch the first time we visited it in 2010, when my husband and I went to the annual Round-up/Open House. It was not only the beauty of the place, but it’s rich history that drew us in… Little did I know that I’d be singing at Empire Ranch for many different events, in the years to come and I’d get to know Dusty Vail, through the book Gail Corkill wrote for Arcadia Press about Empire Ranch. Gail thought Dusty’s life would make a good song and the more I learned about her, the more I agreed. I could relate to Dusty: “She’d rather ride that be inside”. Living here in the West, I’d rather ride than be inside too! My favorite place to enjoy the West, is between the ears of a horse.


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