Bed and Breakfast Delight That “ Just so Happened…”

What a gift from the Lord—

Staying at The Golden Leaf Inn, in Estes Park, Colorado.

Last minute, we needed a place to stay. Kevin half jokingly said, “Well, if we don’t find a place to stay, we can always sleep in the car…”

I was on the verge of tears and prayed we’d find a room, SOMEWHERE, in Estes Park, CO. Well, when I looked online I saw this Inn that “just so happened” to have one room open, I was thrilled! Usually, you have to book a room there months in advance…

We had a gorgeous room, with spectacular views, overlooking green pastures, with horses whinnying and a grand view of the Rockies. Our road weary muscles loved the hot tub, while we took in the gorgeous Estes Park night sky, studded with stars. We enjoyed an incredibly yummy breakfast and great conversation with three couples from all over the world.

Right before we left I sang “Just a Horse” and “I Sing Ride” for Monica, the Innkeeper, who is a believer and had tears in her eyes. She said, “ Moments like this make my job so fulfilling…” Moments like that are a taste of heaven. I’m so glad the Lord had a “room at the inn” for us. It turned out to be a perfect belated anniversary gift.. and God’s gifts are always on time!

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